SoluSoap, Your Foaming Hand Soap Solution!

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SoluSoap Jar & Scoop

Makes 30X cups (or 7-10 fl. oz) of clear and unscented foaming hand soap when added to water. $19.95 with Free Shipping

SoluSoap Packets

Makes 1 cup (or 7-10 fl. oz) of clear and truly unscented foaming hand soap when added to water. 

Comes in packets of 5, 10, & 20. With Free Shipping. 


As low as 89¢ each.

Starter Kits available (packets, bottles, and fragrances. 


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Starter Kits available: Bottles and packets.

6 fragrances available for adding later. Click Here to see fragrances.


SoluSoap Fragrances

With fragrances for every type of person, SoluSoap offers a cost effective way to brighten your day with the option to scent your SoluSoap foaming hand soap.


SoluSoap allows you to purchase products that fit your specific needs. If you do not already have a foaming soap bottle you can choose from our selection. (All brands of foaming hand soap require a foaming soap pump. If you already have another foaming hand soap brand's bottle & pump, you are all set! ) 

Starter Kits

If you need bottles and SoluSoap, we offer Starter Kits that make it easy and cost effective.  Also, all these kits have the option for one fragrance addition, all with Free Shipping.