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Foaming Hand Soap
Refill Powder Concentrate

Caring for the Earth
while cleaning your hands

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SoluSoap Refills any Brand's Foaming Soap Bottle

One small serving of SoluSoap Foaming Hand Soap Refill Powder Concentrate mixed with 7-10 fl. oz of water will make a luxurious, clear, and unscented foaming hand soap. 

Join us in Reducing Plastic Waste

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Pour, shake, immediately ready to use!



SoluSoap is a new approach to hand soap that was developed out of a personal love for foaming soap and a desire to reduce plastic waste. By reusing existing plastic pumps and bottles, we can each make a significant impact on the environment. 

SoluSoap is a next-generation soap technology that can reduce plastic use by up to 99% and requires minimal storage space. Compared to single-use bottles, SoluSoap takes up less than 90% of cupboard space. By using SoluSoap, you can reduce your carbon footprint, as 98% of its ingredients are water - a resource that you supply at home, greatly reducing the use of carbon-emitting shipping vehicles. Additionally, SoluSoap is cost-effective, with a price per filled bottle of soap reduced by up to 88%. 

By creating a quality foaming soap with minimal ingredients, waste, and space requirements at an unbeatable price, SoluSoap is an excellent choice. You can feel good about trying out the SoluSoap difference, knowing that it is a sustainable and affordable option.

* SoluSoap Sachets reduce plastic waste 99%, SoluSoap 30X refill jar reduces plastic waste 97%.

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