Step 1

Fill a clean, empty bottle, with 1 cup (7-10 fl. oz.) of very warm water.

Step 2

Pour entire contents of SoluSoap powder into bottle. 

Step 3

After securely closing bottle, shake vigorously for 15 seconds to mix.

  • Ready for immediate use. May take 3 hours to totally dissolve.

  • Works only with foaming soap pumps and at indoor temperatures.


SoluSoap Detailed Directions


Overview: Each SoluSoap packet contains about .13 ounces SoluSoap powder. Mixing this powder concentrate with water will make a soap solution for foaming soap bottles and dispensers. Each packet can make anywhere from 7 ounces to 10 ounces of foaming soap solution.

1. Fill a clean empty bottle with 1 cup, 7-10 fl. oz. of very warm water.

One can use any brand foaming soap bottle once emptied and cleaned. Please note that liquid soap pumps are not foaming soap pumps. Foaming soap pumps are designed to inject air into the soap solution to form foam, unlike liquid soap dispenser pumps with simply deliver the liquid soap unchanged. 

Be sure the bottle is empty of previous soaps and clean before using SoluSoap as a refill.

SoluSoap packets have enough concentrated powder to form solutions from 7-10 oz. therefore allowing for the inexpensive refilling of many different brands of foaming soap bottles.

SoluSoap does not require warm water to make a solution, however, the warmer the water the quicker the solution comes into being when mixing. 

2. Pour entire contents of SoluSoap powder into the bottle.

Shake down the powder in the SoluSoap packet so all the powder is at the opposite end that you will opening.

Use scissors to open the SoluSoap packet on the dotted line indicated on the back of the packet. 

Pour all the SoluSoap powder into the bottle of water.

3. After securely closing bottle, shake vigorously for 15 seconds to mix. Ready for immediate use. Make take 3 hours to totally dissolve. 

After shaking the bottle to mix the SoluSoap solution, you will most likely see one or more large clumps of powder. These clumps will dissolve and disappear over the next few hours. Even with the clumps apparent the SoluSoap solution is ready for immediate use.

  • (Optional) 4. Add a SoluSoap fragrance oil to scent your foaming soap as directed on SoluSoap Fragrance bottles. SoluSoap fragrance oils available here If no fragrance is used then SoluSoap will remain completely unscented. 

  • End note: SoluSoap will not work in outdoor cold temperatures. SoluSoap is designed for indoor temperatures.

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