Judi S.

Inexpensive, easy to store, little waste, gentle on skin, unscented, refilling easy, free shipping

SoluSoap Foaming Hand Soap found a home at our house! We started using foaming hand soaps in a bottle because they were easy and tidy to use, but previous brands of soaps were highly scented, expensive, bulky to store and wasted a lot of plastic bottles. Using the liquid refills usually left a mess on the counter and still took up storage space. Then I was given a sample of SoluSoap.  I was hooked!  SoluSoap cleans well, is gentle on the skin and comes unscented and is clear in color. (While you could add a fragrance, my husband really liked the unscented feature.)  The premeasured packets are small, convenient and easy to store in very little space. With SoluSoap refilling a bottle is so easy and neat it can be done quickly with no messy dripping. It was easy to order and arrived quickly. The price is fantastically low AND the shipping is FREE! I even ordered a few more packets of SoluSoap to share with family and friends.

Heather - Ohio

Feels great, not sticky, gets my hand's clean, kind to the environment, easy to transport.

I just wanted to let you know that I received a sample from you a few weeks ago.  I had just bought hand soap at that time, so it took a while before I was able to use yours.  I "made up a batch o' soap" a couple of days ago, and wow!  I love SoluSoap!  It feels great!  It's isn't sticky or heavy, thick enough but not too thick...and it gets my hands clean!  Right now, when hand washing is so critically important, SoluSoap is even more important and appreciated.  And I love that it is kinder to the environment since it is so much lighter and easier to transport.  I never expected to find myself writing a love letter to a soap company, but these are strange times!  ;)  I will be a regular customer from now on!  THANK YOU!!


James B.

Inexpensive, convenient, kids love it, love the gingerbread scent.

The kids love this foaming soap. It is a very convenient and cost effective. Our family especially likes the Gingerbread scent.


Janeen F.

Doesn't stick to hands afterward, unscented,  liked the price, easy storage, easy to get, easy to use, portable.

My husband loved the fact that it didn’t stick on your hands when you are using it. Sometimes with other soap it would stick on your hands, and also it would be different colors or smells I didn’t necessarily like, so this way I get exactly what I want out of SoluSoap. …I liked the price. And I like the fact that you can get many of them, and so you can just have them easily in a cabinet , easy to get to and easy to use. What makes SoluSoap different is that it's a package. It's portable… Its very very portable and very easy to use.

Peter R.

Doesn't leave residue, easy to refill, simple, conservationist - saves plastic.

"In the past the soaps I used have always left a residue that would take a while to wash off in the sink, and with SoluSoap it cleans your hands really well and within 2, 3, 4 seconds its completely off and you have no residue or film left on your hands - which I really like."

"I like SoluSoap because it’s very easy to refill when I run out all I have to do is put in a little powder, and it's very convenient. Add a little water and 'boom' I’m ready to go. its very simple."

"I’m a conservationist so when it comes to plastics I like to use as little plastics as possible, which I know a lot of people are conscious about these days. Eventually the bottle is going to not work but it will be the equivalent of 50 plastics bottles to one, so if you care about the environment I highly recommend SoluSoap."

Georgia 200x200 -2.jpg

Georgia V.

Great price, finally found truly unscented hand soap,  stores well, mixes easy, lathers and rinses well.

Thank you for creating the perfect hand soap at the perfect price!  I am extremely happy with my purchase, as I have searched far and wide for a truly unscented hand soap.  Regardless of the claims made, other “unscented” products always seem to have some type of smell, and they are sold at premium prices due to supply and demand.  In contrast, your soap delivers everything for which I could have ever hoped.  The product ships and stores well, mixes easy, lathers and rinses well, truly does NOT have a scent, does not dry out the hands, and is very easy on the wallet.  Leave it to an American family-owned business to figure out a way to make ALL of this possible.  My search has finally come to an end.  Many thanks and please keep offering amazing products like this!

Dave C.

Great price, finally found truly unscented hand soap,  stores well, mixes easy, lathers and rinses well.

"Great product! It's easy to use. Solusoap is way cheaper than bottles of pre-made foaming soap. My family goes through a lot of foaming soap, so it's nice to cut some costs.  The small packets take up less space in the cabinet than those bulky bottles, too. The soap works as well as any other foaming soap I've tried. I like the pure, simple smell and feel of the soap."

Victoria - New Mexico

Thorough soap, hands feel clean and not dried out.

I received my foaming hand soap powder concentrate 2 days ago maybe three and so far I have to say it's a very thorough soap. It leaves my hands feeling clean and not dried out like those other harsh soap thank you so much. I'm glad to say I will be soon switching over. Sincerely Victoria - New Mexico